Presidents Message

Hello All;

Well we have seen some major changes in the last little bit. Not just for Kindersley but for the entire Globe. New Town Council and Trump jump to mind. Please do not think I feel there is a connection in anyway.

We also have seen a transformation in economics for our area. After a dismal 2016 for Industry and Agriculture, the two driving forces in our community, 2017 seems to be smartening up quite nicely. Oil is over $50.00 a barrel and Kindersley is much busier in the Oil and Gas industry which spills over to all services in our town. From nuts to knickknacks the people who come to work here spend. From Downtown to the Hi-way we all benefit when workers come to town. As businesses, we must always be aware of where our successes come from and so far this year the answer is “Oil”. Let’s pray for the other important cog in the economic wheel—that is our Farmers and the Ag sector. We wish them a great year in 2017!!

Another great change for our community is the increase in Doctors, currently happening, at our Hospital. I am happy to have been slightly involved with a meeting we had with the Health Minister about our critical situation we found ourselves in (no doctors) and how the Ministry jumped to help us ease the panic. This was truly a case of the community working together to make something happen from the Mayor to the Health and Wellness Foundation and players in-between. Without the efforts of this group, and the Ministry, I am not sure where we would be at if that did not occur. A town without Doctors is a truly sad state of affairs—and dangerous. Good job to those involved.

For businesses who received a rebate cheque from Workers Comp you can thank the Provincial Chamber and The Saskatchewan Hospitality Association. It was the first time ever that WCB gave money back, from over payments, to the businesses who made the over payment. Without these two groups making the big push—this would not have happened.

One more great change is that the Chamber and the Kindersley Innkeepers and Hospitality Association are now under one roof with the KIHA being a subcommittee of the Chamber now. When members in the Hospitality sector pay for annual dues it covers both memberships at no extra costs and gives members extra support and perks from both associations.

In closing I ask all members to support our upcoming AGM on April 7th. At this time we will be reading the final vote for the new bylaws which expand our reach as a Chamber to include areas, whose businesses do not have a Chamber to support them. We will also introduce the new Fee structure for The Chamber which includes some reductions for smaller businesses and Non-Profits.

Hope to see you there and lets kick some 2017 butt!!